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The Bird Show
A group show inspired by our fine-feathered friends

July 8 to August 6, 2006
Artist's Reception: Saturday, July 8, 6-9pm

Members of the Arroyo Arts Collective acknowledge our flying, chirping friends with art, art, and more art about birds, birds and more birds.

Participating artists are: Illona Aguayo; Natalie Kahn Aguilar; Mary Allan; Victoria Taylor Alvarez; Marcela Ciszewski; Gloria Cooper; Matt DeHaven; Ruth De Nicola; Renee Dominique; Sharon Eaton; Richard Espinoza; Nicholas Fedak II; Maggie Gerard; Cicely Gilman; Tom Gugler; Tina Gulotta-Miller; Radhika Hersey; Linda Anne Hoag; Heather Hoggan; Karen Hovanitz; Amy Inouye; Patty Sue Jones; Jay Kavoian; Patricia Lee; Mary Jean Mallman; Denise Monaghan; Julie Nagesh; Karen Neubert; Benjamin Page; Ester Petschar; Connie Rohman; Dorothy Shepherd: Julie Soto; Susan Stroll; RuthAnne Tarletz; Kacy Treadway; and David Wyninger.

As a salute to our local flocks of parakeets (they actually are not parrots), we will present an interactive installation of sound activated, sound recording, squawky toy parrots. Like our big green flying friends, this work promises to be funny, loud and a bit obnoxious. And did we mention the flying pig?

Another feature will be the “Big Hen” vending machine, a vintage toy-egg dispenser. Pop in a quarter to receive an egg filled with original art, charms, and/or messages created by our members. This may be the best deal in town and all proceeds benefit the Collective.

A reception for the artists will be held Saturday, July 8th from 6 - 9pm, in conjunction with NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night. Regular gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm.

When: Saturday, July 8, 2006 6-9 pm
Where: The Acorn Gallery 135 N. Avenue 50 Highland Park, CA 90042 • (323) 850-8566
Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, noon to 4pm


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