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river visions -- 2000
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River Visions is sponsored by Dynamic Builders as a percent for art requirement provided by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department and is supported in part by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Supervisor Gloria Molina and Councilmember Jackie Goldberg.

Additional contributors to River Visions include: James R. Bickhart, Jr., Larry Blagg, Blagg’s, Neal Guthrie of Gillyflowers, Starbucks Mike Zamarripa of The Coffee Table, Back Door Bakery & Café, Trader Joe’s, Eagle Rock.

The Arroyo Arts Collective would like to acknowledge these community environmental groups for their work in bringing attention to the River: Friends of the Los Angeles River, Northeast Trees, Mountains Recreation and Conservancy Authority which operates The River Center, Kathleen Bullard, Director, Occidental College’s Re-envisioning the River Program, Professor Robert Gottlieb, Director, Andrea Azuma, Project Coordinator Re-envisioning the River is made possible in part by a grant from the California Council for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.We also gratefully acknowledge the support and help of Elwood & Associates, Steve Zimmer, Youth and Family Services Coordinator of Elysian Valley United; Eddie Rivera, Arroyo Seco Journal.

river visions event: Laurie Arroyo — President of the Arroyo Arts Collective, volunteer, administrative coordinator; Suzanne Siegel — project coordinator, Kim Abeles and Lewis MacAdams — curators; Leo Limon —installation coordinator; Susan Baldwin — development; Valerie Daniel — publicity; Linda Hoag — poetry; Mary Jo Bradshaw — logistics; Inka Bujalski — performance coordinator; Heather Hoggan — environmental groups and River Center exhibition, Pearl Beach — River illustration; Steve Simpson — invitation design; Gayla Trevino — flyer design; Kevin Hass — photography; Michael Possert — video production; Scott Pitrowski — video assistant;J. Michael Walker and Rosa Zee — translations. Children’s activities — Berta Sosa, Luis Becerra, Richard Espinoza. Student workers: Edgar Martinez, Memo Morales, Nancy Henessey, Eric Marquez and Oscar Flores. Event volunteers were Ed Arroyo, Nancy Buchanan, John Fitzgerald, Linda Hoag, Robert Mendel, Howard Mickle, Tricia Ward and Ken White.

All photographs in the catalog were taken by Kevin Hass, except: Giaffo, p. 8 and Aparicio-Chamberlin, p 20 which were taken by Nancy Buchanan.

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