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river visions -- 2000
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The Arroyo Arts Collective is an eleven year old organization of artists in the Northeast Highlands of Los Angeles. Throughout its history, The Collective has sponsored numerous community cultural events, including installation work in the former Los Angeles jail, poetry posters along Figueroa Avenue, and murals on parking lot walls in the neighborhood.

On April 29 and 30, 2000, The Collective sponsored an exhibit of site-specific installations along the banks of the Los Angeles River, on a two and one-half mile stretch between Riverside Drive near Figueroa and Fletcher Drive. Nearly fifty artists created works which addressed personal, poetic, mythic, cultural, environmental, or social concerns about the river. River Visions was part of an ongoing series of river events presented by Occidental College and The Friends of the Los Angeles River.

Visitors to the event included the neighborhood community, art appreciators, families, bicyclists, dog walkers, and residents from all over Los Angeles. They were intrigued with both the artwork and its setting. many commented that they were unaware that persons could walk along the riverbank. Some chose to converse with the artists present about the river’s history from the time of the Tong-va, the first Angelenos, to the current restoration efforts of FOLAR. Most were struck by the beauty of the river itself, and of the many pocket parks being developed along the banks.

This current exhibit at The River Center is intended to document that event. The Collective hopes that the exhibit will serve both as a historical record and as a catalyst for further river-related artwork and community involvement.


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