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Poetry in the Windows V Avenue 57
Twenty-nine poem posters on display in merchants' windows along North Figueroa Street, Highland Park, May 31- June 30, 2003

Photo by Kevin Hass 

Poetry in the Windows V expands the audience for contemporary poetry by placing poem posters in the windows of local merchants along the central business corridor of Highland Park, Figueroa Street. Poems are printed in English and in translation into one of the languages spoken in our community. One thousand copies of a guide to poster locations were published and distributed by businesses to the public. Poems were displayed from May 31 through June 30, 2003.

»Close up                                         Photo by Irene Fertik

Southern California poets were invited to submit three to five poems, none longer than 32 lines. Poets working in other languages were encouraged to submit poems in those languages, if accompanied by an English translation. The three jurors, Paul Lieber, Pireeni Sundaralingnam and Jackson Wheeler, met at The Rose Café in Venice to choose the winners. Fifteen poets were awarded $200 each. Ten honorable mentions received $100.

You can view their poems and posters from the list below.

Poetry on the Walls: This year’s Poetry in the Windows V posters had photographic backgrounds created by AAC members. A number of those photographs, along with a selection of poem posters from Poetry in the Windows I—IV spanning the years 1995 to 2001, were on display at the Collective's gallery space, Collective @ Avenue 50, 135 N. Avenue 50 from May 31 - June 30.



Mary Armstrong

The Edge

Richard Beban

Lives of the Poets: Chapter One

Larry Colker

Classified Ads, May 1, 1608

Sandra Cutuli


Olivia Friedman

Heiress to the Laundromat

Linda Hoag

A Couple Embraces by the Silver Lake Reservoir

Charlotte Innes

“Those Crazed in Love Will Lick the Serpent as if it Were Honey”

Susan Kanga

International Store

Paul Koenig

Return Admission

Shahé Mankerian

Chloe Comes Quietly

Jim Natal

One-Footed Adult Crow. Reward.

Robert Peake

Neruda’s Grammar School Crush

Cathie Smith

Releasing the Birds

Barbara Sweeney

Hannah Donovan’s Great Granddaughter Makes Tamales

Sung Y. Yi

The Belt


Hannah Ackerman

Fitting the Pieces

William Archila

An Empty Classroom, Lincoln Heights

Harry Bartron

The “Black Diamond”

Charles Becker


Fernando Castro

Eddie’s Farewell

Jessica Goodheart

Instructions for the House Sitter

Ellyn Maybe


Brenda Miller

Five Months, in Washington

Lisa Marie Sandoval

Chola Love Song

Mary Kay Stam



Tamara Castro

Rooster Head, The Gift

Carlos Merlos

The Mission

Tamara Castro,
Henry Montoya, Carlos
Merlos, Brian Sanchez,
Lourdes Vargas

Questions No One Can Answer

*Students from Luther Burbank Middle School who participated in a 6-week workshop led by poet Suzanne Lummis held at Hathaway Family Resource Center.


The Arroyo Arts Collective Acknowledgements

The Collective would like to thank every one of the 137 poets who submitted to Poetry in the Windows V. Your continued interest in this project is greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to:
All the merchants along Figueroa Street who agreed to display a poetry poster in their windows. Highland Park Chamber of Commerce, Andrew Barrera, President. Mary Jo Bradshaw for computer skills, administrative support and patience. The Board of the Arroyo Arts Collective, Laurie Arroyo and Heather Hoggan, Presidents. Gurdon Miller, Kevin Hass, and Linda Hoag for cheerfully volunteering time and help. Betty Phoenix Wan for publicity. Cidne Hart for call for entries design, poster design, and invitation. Westcott Press for printing. Carol Colin for her drawing. The staff at Hathaway Family Resource Center, especially Jason, Nancy and Tessa, working with L.A. Bridges, facilitating the Luther Burbank Middle School afterschool poetry workshop.

For providing photographs for poster backgrounds:
Inka Bujalski, Joanne Chase-Mattillo, Kathy Gallegos, Cidne Hart, Kevin Hass, Jay Kevoian, Benette Rottman, Suzie Stroll and Deborah Thomas.

For translation of the poems:
Tara Baban, Masood Behshid, Inka Bujalski, Fernando Castro, Irina Chudnovsky, Jose G. Franco, Tibi Friedman, León García Garagarza, Madeline Janis-Aparico, Hilde Lu, Ofelia Mancera, Gina Nahai, Leslie Nord,Robert Peake, Lucian Plesea,Cristina Rodriguez-Hart, Lisa Marie Sandoval, Janos Szaktilla, Sung Y. Yi, and Rosa Zee.

Project Directors: Suzanne Lummis and Suzanne Siegel
Brochure: Cidne Hart
Photos: Irene Fertik

Poetry in the Windows is a project of the Arroyo Arts Collective in cooperation with the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce. Poetry in the Windows V is made possible by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department.

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