Anaconda Mining Makes the Seven Dwarfs an Offer


15 million

to buy them out

including mineral rights.


Only Happy

isn't smiling


knowing how lost they'd be

in a Brentwood townhouse

and not one of them equipped


to take on muggers, capital gains shelters,

dioxin in the fish. Imagine the trauma

each of their tiny air sacs is in for

its first time thudding up against

a second-stage alert.


Even in the country, where could they find

another valley as enchanted or unlogged?

As free from KKK friendship cook-outs

and jet fighter training flights?


Of course

black lung

may already be

whistling while they work.


Mike Carlin


Mike Carlin's poems have appeared in numerous small press magazines, including Bakunin, Onthebus and Pearl. He's led writing workshops at the L. A. County Museum of Art, in the schools and at the Pasadena Public Library where he directs the Emerging Urban Poets and Word Wrappers workshops. He recently won a fellowship to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Miami.