Introduced in 1995, Poetry in the Windows is a series of biannual projects created by the Arroyo Arts Collective, a grassroots non-profit organization of visual, literary and performing artists in the Northeast Area of Los Angeles. The aim of the projects organized by the Collective is to bring contemporary poetry to the public and passersby. Poetry in the Windows places poem posters in the windows of merchants along Figueroa Street, the main shopping district of Highland Park. Poem posters are displayed with translations into one of the many languages spoken in the neighborhood.

Poetry In The Windows I - Poets (1995) No information available at this time.

»Poetry In The Windows II - Poets (1997) Twenty poets were selected for Poetry in the Windows II by a jury of Los Angeles poets: Carol Lem, Bill Mohr, and AliciaVogl-Saenz.

»Poetry In The Windows III - Poets (1999) Twenty poets were selected for Poetry in the Windows III by a jury of Los Angeles poets: Erin Aubry, Cherry Jean Vasconcellos, and Richard Garcia.

»Poetry In The Windows IV - Poets (2001) Twenty-four winning poems were selected for Poetry In The Windows IV by a jury of noted Los Angeles writers and poets: Robert Arroyo, Laurel Ann Bogen, and Ruben Martinez.

»Poetry In The Windows V - Poets (2003) Twenty-nine winning poems were on display along North Figueroa Street. They were selected by three jurors, Paul Lieber, Pireeni Sundaralingnam, and Jackson Wheeler.

»Open Windows (2005) An anthology of winning poems from five Poetry in the Windows projects (1995-2003), selected by poet Suzanne Lummis.

Poetry in the Windows is a project of the Arroyo Arts Collective in cooperation with the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce. Poetry in the Windows is made possible in part by a generous grant from Lannan Foundation.

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