The AAC Presents:
Zone 5 in the City: Audubon Center at Debs Park, April 12 through May 10, 2008


Artist Opportunity
Zone 5 in the City: Art Sustaining Nature

The Arroyo Arts Collective’s site-specific temporary installation exhibition, Zone 5 in the City: Art Sustaining Nature, refers to permaculture's classification of “Zone 5” as the wilderness zone from which we learn the important lesson of working with nature not against it. Zone 5 in the City is a project that brings professional artists together with High School students to explore the issue of sustainability through the construction of site-specific installations on the grounds of the Audubon Center at Debs Park.

The Audubon Center is located on one of the last parcels of open space in Los Angeles. Comprising 282 acres of urban wilderness, it contains California walnut woodland and coastal scrub habitats. Located in a wildlife corridor for migratory birds, the park is a haven for 138 species of birds. The Audubon’s building was designed using the principles of sustainability. The design focuses on a number of key environmental issues that are at the heart of sustainable building, including renewable energy sources, water conservation, recycled building materials, and native landscaping.

The exhibit asks artists to consider two questions:

1. What distinguishes the local ecosystem in and around the 17 acres surrounding the Audubon Center?
2. How can we best safeguard the resources needed for a high quality of life for all the members (human, plant and animal) of the Northeast community for many generations.

Read more about the exhibition on the Zone 5 blog:

 Here is a gallery of images from the event:


From left to right: 1) and 2) Cell Phone Use. 3) Bird House. 4) Burlap Hammocks. 5) Artist with Clay Imprint.


From left to right: 6) Artist with Installation. 7) Bag Tent Inside. 8) Stick Ball. 9) Clay Imprint.