The AAC Presents:


AAC Annual Discovery Tour

Artists throughout the Arroyo area open their studios and homes to visitors once a year, in the month of November, for the Discovery Tour. Sponsored by the Arroyo Arts Collective and the Historical Society of Southern California, the tour showcases the artistic riches of the community. Surrounded by hills and bordered by the Arroyo Seco, the Northeast neighborhoods of Highland Park, Mt. Washington and Eagle Rock are home to one of the largest concentrations of artists in Los Angeles. “What makes this art tour unique,” stated Kate Burroughs, Tour Coordinator, “is the combination of history and art. The Arroyo was the city's first cultural center at the turn of the century, and it's artistic legacy continues today.”


> 2007 15th Annual Tour: "Now is the Time"

In 2007, the theme of the Tour was time – tour goers were invited to stop clockwatching and have a good time visiting artists’ homes and studios.

2006 14th Annual Tour: Explore L.A.'s Original Backyard

Tour goers had the opportunity to discover work by over 70 local artists, featuring such diverse work as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, collage, computer graphics, screen printed clothing, photography, letterpress, printmaking, fiber arts and spray can art.

> 2001 9th Annual Tour: "Palette to Palate"

gallery The Sights and Sounds of the Northeast, featuring over 100 artists and musicians in studios, homes and galleries in Highland Park, Mt. Washington and Eagle Rock.

2004 12th Annual Tour: Celebrating a Dozen Years of Art

gallery View selected artists’ work from the 2004 tour.

2003 11th Annual Tour: Art & Transportation

gallery Transportation, the theme of the Arroyo Arts Collectives 11th Annual Discovery Tour proves the old saying that getting to Northeast area artists studios is half the fun.

2002 10th Anniversary Discovery Tour

gallery A self guided auto tour of artists’ homes and studios in Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and Mount Washington.

> 2001 9th Annual Tour: "Palette to Palate"

gallery Artists’ homes and studios as well as colorful new and long-standing eateries and coffeehouses highlighted in Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington and environs.

> 1999 7th Annual Tour:  "Art & Oddity"

A self guided auto tour of culture and quirks in the Northeast Highlands.

> 1997 5th Annual Tour: "Self Guided Auto Tour"

Held in celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Judson Stained Glass Studios, a self guided auto tour featuring artists in the Highland Park / Eagle Rock area.